Tattoo Care

  1. Remove dressing after 1 hour then gently wash tattoo with warm soapy water and pat tattoo dry. DO NOT RUB.
  2. Do not apply any dressing to your new tattoo but you may apply a thin layer of Bepanthen nappy rash cream, or a lighter option being Aloe Vera & purified water based gel or any of the specific manufactured products available.
  3. After 36 hours or so the new tattoo will begin to gently dry out and start to form a dry layer on the tattooed area, known as 'scabbing'.
  4. DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK at your new tattoo as you will pick out the pigment in the tattoo before it heals into the skin.
  5. It will take 2-3 weeks for your tattoo to completely heal, during this period you may apply cream at 24 hour intervals.
  6. Ensure you keep your tattoo clean and free from grease, oil, dirt etc. washing daily as usual until tattoo has healed fully
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