Piercing Care

  1. Remove dressing after one hour (blood may be present) wash piercing with warm salt water (8:1 ratio) or diluted Tea Tree Oil to remove blood & secretions completely (do not use cotton wool or lint). Surgical spirit, TCP or Witch Hazel etc. must not be used.
  2. Wash piercing 3-4 times daily as above, until piercing has healed (healing can take 3-6 months depending on area pierced).
  3. "Savlon" antiseptic wound wash spray can be applied daily as an option when bathing is not possible.
  4. Keep piercing & jewellery clean and free from bodily secretions at all times.
  5. Do not remove jewellery for at least 12 weeks (jewellery purchased from this studio will be fitted free of charge).
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